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Waterfowl need an environment that’s not plentiful in many areas of the world.  They require marsh areas and grasslands to make the perfect nesting areas for their winter migrations.  There is an area in Texas that is perfect for a wide variety of waterfowl, especially a vast number of different duck species, to make their home.  This area offers thousands of square miles of saltwater grasslands and coastal marsh full of food and nesting areas.  This coastal area of Texas offers the ducks and other migratory birds a bountiful feast of coastal rice, soybean, corn and milo fields along with many aquatic plants to give them the perfect place to call home.

With this home for the birds duck hunters have flocked, nearly as often as the birds, to the coastal area of Texas for a fantastic adventure of hunting and fishing in the area.  While Texas may be a state that boasts about things being bigger, this coastal area of the state offers a great place for hunters to enjoy the majesty of these amazing birds and have a great time while hunting and exploring the marshy wilderness of the area.

The variety of ducks and waterfowl in Texas include such varieties as Widgeon, Teal, Canvasback, Pintail and Redheads.  These are just a few of the possibilities you’ll find along the Texas coastline to give you the variety you want and the experience you truly desire.  Some hunters have seen as many as ten different varieties of ducks and waterfowl out of a single hunting area, which is a truly breathtaking and unique experience.  The natural beauty of the area and the perfect environment for these birds has been the secret to why the coastal area of Texas is such an awesome hunting spot for these majestic creatures.

Who wants to travel to Texas for some duck hunting?  Isn’t it time you came to see what makes this area so special?  There’s no way national and international waterfowl hunters can be wrong, many of which come back on an annual basis to enjoy a week long trek of hunting that makes for one of the most amazing experiences each and every year.  Its time you came to the coastal area of Texas to see exactly what makes this one of the most popular duck hunting areas in the world.  You’ll certainly leave feeling rested, relaxed and satisfied that you had a fantastic trip in a gorgeous natural hunting area.

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